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Is my electronic data transmitted securely?

Yes! We take the security of our patient information very seriously. Payer Matrix partners with Paubox© a HITRUST certified vendor, to provide you with a secure email service. All email is encrypted in transit and our corporate security policy ensures all devices are encrypted as well.

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How will I receive information from Payer Matrix?

How will I receive information from Payer Matrix?We prefer to send information to members via overnight mailing, as the forms often contain PHI and require signatures. We will also provide a prepaid label for any return documents. Upon request, we will email members...

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Is my data stored securely?

Is my data stored securely?Yes! All your data is stored on our proprietary system, Velocity. Velocity uses secure servers backed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) with additional security measures. Velocity is constantly being upgraded with the latest security features and...

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How does Payer Matrix use my data?

How does Payer Matrix use my data?As part of the care management process, we review prescription and treatment plan information. We are a HIPAA-compliant organization and take the utmost precautions with your data.Related questions

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